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superslicket's Journal

El Tesoro-Rah Rah Rah
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summer camp is the hip place to be.

pictures, stories, stuff that is about to happen (weekends etc).

but save the drama for your mama.
bubbles the horse, bucket brigade, bunko, cabin watch, camper/counseler relationships, capture the flag, cedar, cit, cook out, fat club, flag, health house, hobart, hop for us joey, johnny appleseed, little green frog song, love shack, luggage, magical advenutures, miss mattie, move out, mower boy, muave, naked cassie, nature trail, not showering, painting rocks, peeing outside, pink and blue, pizza friday, pregnant tree, princess pat, ranch, redwood, roloho, scorpions, secret campfire, slab, spot, strange rashes, sweat, the chapel, the goose, the x game, torch bearer, washing dishes, whore-izon, winter camp, zuni