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This is a public service announcement

I have good news for all you camp kids out there :)
I was just informed of it tonight, and I doubt that anyone else has heard...
So I will let you all be the first:
(p.s. I don't know how public this is supposed to be? But you all definitely deserve to know as you will be affected)

Hootmomma30 is Toni, for those who couldn't guess, she and I were chatting about stuff tonight, and this came up at the end of the conversation...

Hootmomma30 (12:06:46 AM): Here's some bed time thoughts......did you hear that Amy [Boyd] resigned?
ihrtbadreligion (12:07:04 AM): Whaaat? Really?
ihrtbadreligion (12:07:06 AM): when was this?
Hootmomma30 (12:07:24 AM): last week. Her last day is Dec. 10th.
Hootmomma30 (12:07:31 AM): She got a job in OHIO!
ihrtbadreligion (12:07:53 AM): Wow. hahah. Oh man, i just got so excited. That sounds terrible, but I did. That really just made my night. :-D!
Hootmomma30 (12:08:34 AM): I'm sure my puter is I won't say anything...but I'm sure you can imagine my feelings...
ihrtbadreligion (12:08:52 AM): Oh absolutely.
ihrtbadreligion (12:08:58 AM): :-D
Hootmomma30 (12:09:08 AM): haha...well, I'm glad I made your night......sweet dreams!!!
ihrtbadreligion (12:09:18 AM): ditto. Talk to you later!

I hope you are all as elated as i am...
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