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People of the world, SPICE UP YO LIFE

Soo...there are 25 first year CITs.
Apparently Toni has been having to turn kids away...

its going to be nuts...

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oh man what the fuck


so i guess i'm not working out there.
never got a contract
ihrtbadreligion (12:14:39 PM): i dunno....gah, some of these kids are REALLY going to annoy me
xStarGazer01x (12:14:53 PM): they already annoy me
ihrtbadreligion (12:14:57 PM): hahahah

carling, just call her...

she emailed you to ask you about the staff shirt...and ALL that other shit... and she wouldn't if you were'nt working out there. And if you weren't you would have gotten a rejection letter MUCH much earlier...

i don't want to call her.
so dont. youll get it soon im sure.
hahah whatever,
so the cits, all like 9 of them that actualy went to the cit weekend annoy me.