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1.) What was this calling thing?
I'm not saying I was excluded or anything, I just somehow never heard anything about it.

2.) In reply to Margie's winter camp thing, I'm not going. I figured I would end up going (but I figured I would say I wasn't because I'm an ass like that) but I have family stuff and other stuff on the 27th.
If I have the date wrong for afns tell me because it is tradition for me and Carebear.
I still remember the first one, where we both arrived knowing no one else, I was terrified. Then we ignored everyone else and sat at the table of seclusion.
And it snowed.
And Carling had pants with five thousand bondage straps that were baggy and she tried to play freeze tag (or some other running game).
Oh, what wonderful times.

How is it possible to only have ten kids going anyway?

Carling, update on here about the dog if you have time. With pictures and a name, please, bitch!
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