Margaret (devoidofdesire) wrote in superslicket,

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dude... problem...
we only have 10 or so kids signed up for winter camp...

and like, 20 staff....

nooot good...

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10, what about camp new years.?
10, thast crazy.
i know i am.
and i know matt is.
there has to be more than 10.
and alex.
which alex? girl or guy?
pavlak isn't yet if you mean the guy...

but honestly ... there were 10 by last night... and i signed up a few of the 1st years...

it's not fun...
no kell/.
im signed up
i bet theres more than 10
no honestly there's not.. i was helping toni call kids about it because we only had 10 signed up by last night...
and we may have signed up a few more...

yeah you were on my call list last night, but you had already signed up...
yay anita!!! :D